Donald Trump is one of the people responsible for the growth in Twitter users

Just this morning, Twitter shared the results of the first quarter of 2017 with its shareholders. After several analyses and considering the current situation, Twitter states that its growth of more than 9 million users is due to the presence of political leaders in the social network , the most relevant being the president of the United States Donald Trump.

Recent Twitter updates may have contributed to this growth

In today’s letter Twitter confirms that this great growth is due to changes in the platform . With the new updates it is much more secure , less cases of abuse of the network and the service in general are reported. However, in the letter does not mention the appearance of political leaders, but the current COO and CFO of the company Anthony Noto.

Donald Trump is one of the people responsible for the growth in Twitter users
Donald Trump is one of the people responsible for the growth in Twitter users

There are many aspects to consider when analyzing the growth of Twitter during this first quarter, especially in the United States. The new president of the country is a fairly active user; it may be that this feeling of direct contact with his president has been what has boosted the number of users during this beginning of 2017, as it coincides with his arrival at the White House.

Twitter is a great source of news

To find out what’s going on in the world, just take a look at this social network. We can know news, instantly. The latest gossip, what is at hand at that precise moment we know thanks to Twitter. Moreover, if we now add that our political leaders are on the net , we can know what they think about everything they share in a matter of minutes.

They intend to keep growing

The flood has been very important but they do not want to stay there. Now they plan to incorporate live video, to encourage more users to come. They wanted to join Amazon in order to broadcast NFL games, but it seems that they didn’t succeed. Even so, they want to focus their attention on broadcasting other sports.

By incorporating this utility, in which you would have a background video, you could divide your attention . Anthony Noto comments that the idea of p oder having something and paying attention to it when you are interested is what attracts him most , not wasting time watching a whole game when you are only interested in certain aspects of it.

It seems that Twitter has grown thanks to certain political leaders. Do you think that sport can help them grow even more? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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