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dominate windows in macOS, app of the week

One of the things that most often surprises people when they look at how someone with Mac experience works is the – almost ninja – use of windows. When Steve Jobs first showed us Exposé in 2003 as part of the new Mac OS X Panther operating system , many of us were impressed not only by the graphics power, but also by the usefulness and convenience of working with benefits and files.

Exposé eventually became the current “Mission Control” in 201 1, and despite improvements in many of its features, the basis remained the same. The idea of separating the windows by applications, being able to move files without dropping them by simply navigating over the folders, that everything is so visual, is very much appreciated on a daily basis.

dominate windows in macOS, app of the week
dominate windows in macOS, app of the week

Magnet improves functionality is that Exposé or Mission Control offers in macOS

However, Exposé or Mission Control have always had a “lost” functionality that now thanks to a third party application we can get to have. This is the one that allows us to intelligently anchor the windows to the area of the screen we want, simply by taking it to it. Windows already has something similar in its latest versions, but what the app of the week offers us, Magnet , is something visual and simple – so perfectly integrated that it could come perfectly within the operating system itself.

Magnet is a simple application that will reside in our top menu bar in macOS . There is no need to invoke it or run it in any way beyond having it running, as when we move the windows to the edges it will simply start the window anchor interface. In it, the area is shaded showing us which area of the screen the window will occupy, depending on where we have pushed it.

If we move it to one of the corners, it will take up 14 of the screen. Moving it to one of the sides , will put it on 12 of our monitor. If we take it to the top, what we will do is to have it centered on the screen to be able to have some app occupying the main area of the system ). We can also move a window and display it in the horizontal half ( and not the vertical half ), which is very useful when we’re browsing a website and taking notes, for example.

Keyboard ninjas, you can also use Magnet: a very useful tool for mastering windows on a daily basis

In Magnet they haven’t forgotten about the keyboard ninjas either: each of the positions that a window can occupy can be launched using a predefined key combination, which we can customize from the application preferences ( not just during “drag and drop” ). We can even ignore a particular application so that it doesn’t follow these positioning rules, useful when we need it in the background with a more complex window composition above it – or below it. Very useful for everyday use , especially for those of you who are thinking of maximizing the performance of your workspace by taking what Apple offers us right now with Mission Control a little further.

Magnet ( 0,99€, Mac App Store )Sitio oficial

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