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Dokuro on App Store

Rise, skeleton, and rescue the princess from the Dark Lord’s castle!

You are a nameless skeleton in the Dark Lord’s army. After finding the princess, who was kidnapped to become the Dark Lord’s wife, you set her free. Take the princess through the shadows as a skeleton and change into a hero when it comes time to attack. Try to get the princess out of the castle.

Dokuro on App Store
Dokuro on App Store

– The game

Help the princess escape from the Dark Lord’s castle, and protect the princess from traps and enemies while finding the balance between skeleton and hero forms, each with special abilities. Try to guide the princess to the flower at the end of each level, and if you succeed, the story will expand!

This is a deep game with a brilliant story that has become a brilliant production that you can play whenever you want. A story full of action and puzzles awaits you like never before!

– The story

Once upon a time, there was a princess from a faraway land who was very peaceful, until she was kidnapped by the evil Dark Lord.

The Dark Lord was trying to make the princess his wife. He locked her in his castle and had a skeleton guard her, which did its job… at least at first.

The weeping beauty before her eyes inspired feelings of all kinds. She wished to return the princess to her former life, far from the Dark Lord’s marital machinations! The skeleton betrayed its master and freed the princess.

The story begins when they try to get out of the castle in one piece…