Does your Mac have few users?

Because Apple is such a large and complex ecosystem, urban legends often appear that can confuse those users who might consider buying a device from the Bite Apple company, considering it too complex or restrictive. So, at Applesupportphonenumber we have decided to be the knights errant in this crusade to eliminate the legends and restore the truth about this ecosystem.

In previous articles we have discussed some urban legends about Apple , such as that you need iTunes on your computer to use an iPhone, or that windows is incompatible with Mac, both at the level of software and hardware . The last article also raised a question, which makes many people hesitate to switch to a Mac: How many people have Macs these days? Am I going to be alone in this world?

Does your Mac have few users?
Does your Mac have few users?

The answer to this question is very clear: You will not be alone, because there are many people who are very much involved in this ecosystem . First of all, I’m going to give you some data, which may sound cold, but will help you to know the acceptance of Apple in today’s society.

At the last WWDC, Apple presented its sales figures, as usual. The numbers did not leave anyone indifferent , as those of Cupertino have made the MacBook the reference laptop in the United States. During the past year, 28 million computers were sold from the Bite Block , making the Mac market outperform the PC market for several years. What does that mean? That there are many more Macs than you think.

Is this also the case in the domestic sector?

Although it may not seem so, Apple does not focus only on the business sector. Increasingly, and especially since the release of the iPhone and iPad, is focusing heavily on the average user , reaching far out in sales to other PC manufacturers in the world, as HP or Dell . It is true that these figures also include the tablets , but it is not that Apple does it, but all manufacturers already include these devices in their computer sales figures , including these within this category.

As you can see in the image on the left, which are the data provided by Canalys , although it has fallen by 11.5% from the same period last year, Apple has positioned itself as one of the largest vendors of computers in the world. I repeat that this is including the tablets . However, we have to acknowledge that Samsung, for example, sells more of these devices than Apple, as it has several models on the market. Even so, is up to three places below the bitten apple company on this list .

The implications for the average user

As we said at the beginning, all of the above are just cold, hard numbers, but, What do users feel when they try one of Apple’s devices? Well, although there are always exceptions, most of us who have been lucky enough to try a Mac for a while are convinced that we will never use a PC again (unless for really compelling reasons) Why? Because as I said in the first article Apple is not only computers, iPad or iPhone, but a whole ecosystem that makes using a computer the easiest thing in the world .

I can safely say that using a Mac is the easiest way to get into the world of computing . Windows 8 has become very easy to use, but it is still Windows, and if you have never used a computer before, it has a learning curve to follow. Many of those who use Windows don’t know how to get the most out of their computer.

That doesn’t usually happen on a Mac. First of all, there’s no learning curve: once you take it out of the box you’re all set to use it . The programs that come with it are very simple, although powerful, that allow you to get the most out of the machine without hardly needing to learn. And you don’t have to be looking for where to download or how to install an application that does this or that: everything you need is installed.

This means that more and more people are moving into the world of Apple, even in the world of video games, although this is another topic that we will address in the next article .

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