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Does TV need to be reinvented?

In an interview with the famous Eddy Cue , through the magazine Vanity Fair together with Richard Plepler, they had an interesting talk about the future of television , as well as the objectives set by the Californian firm.

As expected, this conversation would be triggered by one of Cupertino’s own systems, the Apple TV , whose objectives are to create a new television system , differentiated from the current systems, through new implementations and innovations introduced by updates and continuous development of the tvOS operating system.

Does TV need to be reinvented?
Does TV need to be reinvented?

Thus, the iTunes engineer, Eddy Cue , stated in the conversation that television needed to be reinvented . Furthermore, he stressed that the current cable and satellite television systems do not offer interesting content, since out of 900 channels there is nothing to watch . Specifically, Cue himself also referred to the lack of organisation of content in these systems, since it is very difficult to find what the user is looking for.

That is why the Californian company has focused on the development of the brand’s own assistant , Siri . Since it facilitates the search for the content of the respective devices of the apple. On the other hand, during the interview Plepler showed his enthusiasm for the agreement made between Apple and HBO , as it would allow further progress in the joint project.

The fact is that there is already a great competition from the television of the future . Big firms like: Netflix, Spotify or Amazon offer good services to their customers and for a very affordable monthly price for all pockets. This is why the incorporation of new features and functionalities would allow Cupertino’s to stand out from the rest and thus capture the attention of customers.

To do this it is important to create a simple interface design so that any user could easily navigate through the system and find what they are really looking for, as Eddy Cue stressed in the interview. What will be the future of Apple TV?

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