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Does Tim Cook carry his iPhone 8 in his pocket in this photo?

We just got a picture that caught our attention. At first it seems to be Tim Cook’s photo while talking to his employees, but hides something that we’re going to discover in this article , although if you’ve read the headline you’ll have already missed the mystery.

The official launch of the iPhone 87s is very close and it is logical that the first units are being tested by their own creators and managers. Among them is Tim Cook who will obviously use the latest iPhone on the market and not the latest Samsung. That’s why in a photo officially released by Tim Cook during a meeting with several employees, you can see something very interesting in his pants (and don’t be mistaken). I leave you the image below:

Does Tim Cook carry his iPhone 8 in his pocket in this photo?
Does Tim Cook carry his iPhone 8 in his pocket in this photo?

Tim Cook with the possible iPhone 8 in his pants

Do you see anything strange in the picture? If you look at the circle you can see the rectangular silhouette of what looks like a smartphone. This could be the new model of iPhone that Apple will present in September.

If we are a bit observant we see that the sizes do not match the models we have currently. If we compare it to the iPhone 7 Plus, we can see that the size of the device we see in the Apple CEO’s pants is a little more elongated and less wide. To me personally it looks like an 18:9 format, very similar to the Galaxy S8.

If we remember the previous year, weeks before the presentation of iPhone 7, we could see pictures of different celebrities carrying the new terminal. This would be the same but from the hands of the company’s CEO?

I think it’s a little careless for a company that takes care of all the details to the millimetre, that they miss this kind of images , of their own CEO with the smartphone that they “try” to keep hidden until their presentation in a public space. They may want to create even more hype , because what comes next September we are sure to leave us with our mouths open.

What do you think Tim Cook has in his pants pocket? Has he betrayed his company and bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 or a Note 8? Leave us your thoughts on this image in our comment box so we can read them to you.

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