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Does the iPhone work with Leopard?

Andy Ihnatko of the Chicago Sun-Times is one of those lucky people who was able to fiddle with the iPhone for about 45 minutes in the company of Steve Jobs and these are some of “his impressions”:http:/www.suntimes.comtechnologyihnatko215441,CST-FIN-Andy18.article:

  • “TUAW”:http: It is also very intuitive and our first impulses about how to do anything (play a song, send an email, make a call…) are usually correct. According to Andy, the iPhone *is the easiest phone ever made to use*.
  • *? The virtual keyboard allows us to type as fast as a real one ? but it only works with direct skin contact. Fortunately, the buttons are quite large and the application is quite capable of detecting typing errors.
  • *The display is fantastic, showing a colorful and detailed level out of the ordinary even with the microscopic text of the browser which, by the way, lacks flash support. It seems that Apple could be developing the necessary plugin for this by itself and it would be available in the final version.
  • The applications shown during the demo leave quite an impression by offering *a similar experience to operating a _real_ program and not just a simple mobile version*. And that’s despite the fact that the iPhone is still under development (remember that there are six months left until its launch)… for example, when you try to open the Notes application a picture is shown of how it’s supposed to be.

And the highlight for the end… the iPhone could work under a reduced version of the next Mac OS X 10.5 version : Leopard. This does not mean in any way that you will be able to run Mac applications, or even use the same Dashboard Widgets. An iPhone is an iPhone, not a Mac computer, but it seems that all those interface animations are the work of the new Core Animation , a feature of Leopard that will surely end up giving us more surprises than we expect.

Does the iPhone work with Leopard?
Does the iPhone work with Leopard?

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