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Does it pay to have the Facebook application?

Social networks came along years ago and they did it to stay. Without a doubt, they are an ideal way to relate, recover friendships and keep in touch with them or with family if you live in different places. Its use, well regulated, is positive and enriching Normally the Facebook application gives a very complete functionality, as much as the option to enter from our computer . Today we’ll look at whether it compensates for having it installed on our device.

The management that the application usually makes of the resources of our iPhone or iPad is quite bad. This means that it consumes quite a lot of battery and memory , more than you might think. This is not something that only happens in the iOS environment, any Andriod or Windows Phone user could say the same. So much so that since I uninstalled it from the iPhone I haven’t put it back. What I do is log in from Safari, and the experience is not bad at all. It doesn’t make up for it at all.

Does it pay to have the Facebook application?
Does it pay to have the Facebook application?

If you decide that you want to keep it installed for whatever reason, it is recommended that you disable for example the update in 2nd plane. To do this follow the path Settings>Facebook>Upgrade to 2nd plane and uncheck it.

It is also very healthy, not only for the battery and resource management of your device, but for your own mental health to disable Facebook notifications. Let’s admit that the social network engages and at least we spend a few minutes a day to visualize it, but that the iPhone continuously reminds us anything comes to Mark Zuckerberg’s network can become desperate . Remember to disable them exactly as with any other application via Settings>Notifications.

So you know, if you want to live a little more quietly and you want that extra battery that’s going stupidly, forget about the app. Its web version is very good and I think it’s more than worthy . Anyway, if you want to install it we leave the link below.

Tell us about your experience with this application and if you noticed a change when you stopped using it. Or are you a brave or a feisty “social hunter” who cannot do without it? We’ll be waiting for you in comments .

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