Does Apple really need a new 4-inch iPhone?

In the last few weeks there have been many rumours about the possible arrival of a new iPhone with a 4-inch screen. If confirmed, this would mean that Apple would market three versions of the iPhone with different screen sizes at the same time: 4, 4.7 and 5.5 inches . It would be the first time that something like this would happen and the doubt is obvious: does Apple really need this?

It is true that until now Apple has always sold more than one model of iPhone at the same time. When I launched a new model the previous ones were still available at a much lower price. That’s why until now the firm has always had equipment available with the mentioned screen sizes. With the next arrival of the iPhone 7 this will not happen, since the oldest terminal that would still be on sale if they follow the same plans as with the previous generations would be the iPhone 6 . This means that the 4-inch model would disappear completely and users who enjoy terminals of this size would be “orphaned” so to speak.

Does Apple really need a new 4-inch iPhone?
Does Apple really need a new 4-inch iPhone?

We believe that this is one of the reasons that could have more weight in the decision to launch a new model with a 4-inch screen. By marketing an iPhone with a screen of this size, Apple could retain those users who want small screens and even attract people who currently use other brands as it is increasingly difficult to find decent terminals with “small” screens.

In addition to the screen size, it is believed that the new 4-inch iPhone would maintain more limited technical features than the larger models. The device could carry the A8 chip present in the iPhone 6, which would also serve the firm to lower costs and market the equipment at a more attractive price . Commercially, this could help the Californian firm to increase its market share in developing countries and also to attract users accustomed to the prices of competing mid-range products.

Tim Cook himself said that they expect that, for the first time, iPhone sales won’t grow in one quarter compared to the same one of last year. The CEO believes that during Q2 2016 won’t manage to sell more iPhone than the ones sold in the same quarter of last year . This may be another clue that the company needs to change its strategy regarding the iPhone and perhaps launching the aforementioned small screen model could help them to reverse the situation.

As they say in Sports Betting Dime, Apple could market three new iPhones this year, something that has never happened before. One would be the aforementioned iPhone with a 4-inch screen and which seems to be called iPhone 6c, while the others would be, if the company follows its usual strategy, the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 and the 5.5-inch screen iPhone 7 Plus.

Will this new strategy be confirmed by the manufacturer? Is it really necessary that you market one more iPhone model? We have to wait and see what Apple is really prepared for.

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