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documentary about the machero community

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When one talks about Apple and is a user, one is often carried away by a feeling that some confuse with sectarianism . We will not deny that we can become fanboys, but we know how to see the flaws, the good and bad things, right?

documentary about the machero community
documentary about the machero community

I suppose that the creators of the documentary MacHead would think that we are not all like that and that is what they want to show us. People who take their passion for the brand to the highest levels. Logo tattoos, Maccasas, meetings, hours of waiting to be the first to buy an iPhone,… are some of the things they want to show. The extremist side , which is not the bad side, with the most varied users.more than one will already be smiling thinking “If that’s what I said, they are a sect”, sorry but no. We are people with a penchant for technology (some do more than just a football team), which to the annoyance of many comes packaged in an aesthetic and elegant product. And to top it all off, it’s my particular case, CEO Steve Jobs is to be commended : creator of his own company, visionary, fighter and above all passionate; doesn’t he inspire you to excel?

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. If you want to do a simple exercise , think about your link with the brand, with the company,… think about what you feel when you use a Mac, an iPod, iPhone,… And now to assess:

  • I’m normal, I’ve got Apple stuff but it’s not even F.
  • I’m a fanboy, I like to enjoy the company and I love the Keynote.
  • I’m too much, I don’t sleep the night before the Keynote and to top it all off I don’t care as long as I have the little apple bite.

I, AM FANBOY . Smile and answer what are you?

Thank you to the readers who informed us about the documentary!

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