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Do you want to learn guitar in a matter of minutes?

If there’s one brand that can make guitars, it’s Fender. The California brand has been around since 1946 and has created such music icons as the Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster and Precission bass . Musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, David Gilmour or Mark Knopfler are prominent users of this legendary brand.

The songs that you want are now available in a new format, interactive guitar lessons that are already in web format, but that will probably be released today July 6 in the form of an application, which will be called Fender Play . Unlike other generic applications that have the same sequence of lessons, quite predictably in addition, Fender Play aims to adapt it to your musical tastes.

Do you want to learn guitar in a matter of minutes?
Do you want to learn guitar in a matter of minutes?

The first time you start it, you will be asked to choose a teaching itinerary, which can either be rock, pop, country, blues or folk . You can also change your style once you have started your lessons. You will also be asked if you play acoustic or electric guitar, and based on these options you will have different instruction videos, different options within the song and be able to learn different techniques. If you are learning an acoustic theme, it is possible to obtain the first teachings about the technique of finger-picking . If you play hard rock, it will take you to fifth chords and suggest a Foo Fighters theme.

Fender claims that can be taught quickly by using a micro-learning approach , i.e. small lessons that are immediately assimilated. In addition, recordings with multiple camera angles have been prepared so that you don’t miss any details. Learning is therefore guaranteed, you just have to put in the effort.

As expected, all this is not free, as access to audiovisual material costs $20 per month. But it’s much cheaper than a guitar teacher, and you get a free 30-day trial to see if it meets your expectations.

Will you be encouraged to use it when it becomes available? We’ll keep an eye out for the release of today and can download it from the App Store .