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Do you have an Android? Apple might offer you money to fall into their arms

Sin tregua: Apple lanza una guía para que los usuarios de Android se pasen a iOS

The iPhone exchange program launched in 2013 in some regions of the world has allowed many fans of the brand to upgrade their devices without investing much money, creating brand loyalty and having users happy to have the newest device at all times.

Do you have an Android? Apple might offer you money to fall into their arms
Do you have an Android? Apple might offer you money to fall into their arms

This program was extended to the iPad last year and now according to Mark Gurman in the coming weeks Apple would be receiving devices from other platforms in exchange for gift cards for those who wish to release an iPhone.

This movement makes a lot of sense because if Apple wants to increase its market share it has to start with more aggressive campaigns and direct attack on the competition , since Apple’s fan base is large, but we’re talking about the same ones as years ago, so we need to start looking at the neighbor across the street.

This is because the arrival of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus meant the arrival of new users, mostly from Android who were looking for big screens, but that happened without an active campaign that will seek to recruit these users, so by activating this new program Apple hopes to increase the user base considerably .

This exchange program towards other brands’ devices would work the same way as the iPhone’s, that is, the user would arrive at an Apple Store that has this service, would have to show his device and the store staff would make a physical condition and performance evaluation in order to issue a card with the value of the smartphone that can only be used in the purchase of a new iPhone.

There is even talk that store staff will help the customer by transferring some information from their old device to their new iPhone , such as contacts and some applications, but everything will be focused on the guide announced by Apple last year to migrate from Android to iOS.

With this, the question arises for those users of other platforms would you change your device if they offered you a new and cheaper iPhone?

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