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Do they compensate for unlimited calls on the iPhone?

We are using our mobile phones less and less to talk and more to consume data, either for navigation or through apps. The reality is that the bulk of turnover for operators is now in the sale of data packages and there seems to be agreement among experts that voice has become a commodity .

Operators are now struggling to get some mileage out of a service that is becoming less and less valuable to the user , but which still needs to be paid for. How much are we prepared to pay for calls on the iPhone? From these lines we will explain the pros and cons of a path back and forth in which in the end, it has come back to endless calls.

Trying to save on a low-value product

Do they compensate for unlimited calls on the iPhone?
Do they compensate for unlimited calls on the iPhone?

Although we are used to the convergent tariffs (which integrate data with unlimited voice packages), the truth is that you have the option of contracting separate voice minutes, or directly, opting for an individual billing for the minutes consumed. Come on, as it was done before. And it makes sense: some users hardly make any calls at all and are not compensated for the extra cost of unlimited calls. So, I opted for a Yoigo rate of 5 GB of data and 100 voice minutes per month.

On paper, the idea was attractive because my use on the iPhone was primarily in data and also taking advantage of tethering . The monthly saving compared to an unlimited voice rate was quite considerable at the end of the year and it seemed that it was a brilliant idea: adapting the consumption to what was strictly necessary and saving that excess that was never used. Or so I thought.

The true value of ‘unlimited’

The first month went by and there were no problems, but the second billing cycle saw the unexpected SMS: the consumption of minutes had been exceeded and from that point on, it was billed at a price that, without being excessive, had to be taken into account. The third month confirmed this trend with another SMS ‘touch’: clearly the calculations had been optimistic my voice minute requirements were higher than estimated. And soon the shortage syndrome began : being aware of the cost of minutes, I tried to save at all costs.

In the end, the unlimited is an intangible that is worth paying extra for

Do I make this call via VoIP? FaceTime started to become a great lifesaver, but only applicable to other iPhones. And it wasn’t long before I started limiting calls on a clear cost calculation: I started calling less , trying to replace communication via iMessage, WhatsApp or VoIP call. This tariff-consumption combination was obviously more cost-effective economically, but the cost in use was very high.

El mejor ‘producto’ que he comprado es una tarifa casi ilimitada de datos para mis dispositivos Apple

En Xataka Móvil
Several months later I decided to end this agony and I hired an unlimited voice rate , this time with MásMóvil, and soon started making a free use of the calls. In a few days the iPhone started to gain value as a communication tool, and although it is true that with the calculator in hand at the end of the year it surely pays off to pay the peaks of the limited rate, in the end the unlimited is an intangible for which compensates paying an extra. In short, it is a small excess for convenience. And hopefully soon the unlimited will also be a common thing in data.

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