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Do all Apple products come with a warranty?

Have you bought an Apple product and don’t know if it has a warranty? Have you bought a product from the Apple Store and it’s not from Apple? Do you want to know a little more about the warranty aspects of a product from the Bite Apple company? We’ll try to clear up any doubts you may have in this article, read on.

How does Apple’s warranty work?

Before we start I would like to clarify that we will always talk about the guarantee according to the situation of Apple in Spain and the Spanish legislation . After this, it is important to consider different aspects, especially the fact that the guarantees for an electronic product are different from those that are not; by this I mean that an iPad will not have the same guarantee as its Smart Cover , to give an example.

Do all Apple products come with a warranty?
Do all Apple products come with a warranty?

Apple’s products, and those of third parties we purchase from the company, are warranted for 24 months against what is known as product “nonconformity”, provided that the nonconformity was already apparent at the time of purchase. Given this, it is assumed that if the non-conformity becomes apparent during the first six months after purchase, it is understood that it already existed at the time of purchase of the product . From this half year onwards, this is the time when the user must demonstrate by means of an expert opinion that the defect in the product is one of manufacture and not of use (or misuse) of the device or accessory.

In this regard, Apple is extending the 6 months of “nonconformity” to 12. Apple gives its products what it calls a “one-year limited warranty” extending this period of time when you don’t have to prove that your problem is caused by a manufacturing defect to up to 12 months. In addition, many of you may have experienced a case where Cupertino recognized your issue even after 12 months and repaired or replaced your product without problem. Remember that sometimes when Apple finds that there is a widespread failure it extends this repair to all its customers by replacing the questionable item in the devices that meet the requirements described by them.

What is the problem with European legislation?

Basically, it’s the name of this guarantee from Cupertino’s ‘one year limited warranty’, which can be misleading to customers and so they think it only lasts for one year. In addition, it adds to the fact that it sells an extended warranty, Apple Care, which leads to fear that it is a scam by the apple company.

So what’s the warranty on Apple products?

The standard warranty that Tim Cook’s company offers us goes beyond the standard. According to the European legislation, the seller is the contact figure to make a claim and is the one who must manage the repair. As for Apple, no matter where the product has been purchased, we can call the company’s telephone support, the Apple Store, or the authorized resellers, and the products can be repaired at the locations in question or through the mail order service. Apple’s warranty is understood to be international, with the exception of some products that have local features (such as an iPhone sold with and only supported by a telephone company). In addition, Apple offers free telephone support for 90 days from the time of purchase.

And Apple Care, is it worth acquiring?

Apple Care is an additional insurance that extends the warranty of our devices. The additional cost of Apple Care is determined by the product and the estimated cost of its repair; Apple Care for a MacBook Pro is more expensive than for a Mac mini. For desktop computers, we will also provide a home repair service, as well as a quick replacement service for iPhone and iPad, so you will never be without your device. The extended warranty contains these extras:

  • Repair and service in Apple Store without expertise
  • Telephone service during the warranty period.
  • Home collection of the product in case of repair or replacement
  • Full battery coverage

Cupertino’s have one of the best after-sales services, beyond acquiring or not the extended warranty. Even so, if you plan to own your device for more than 2 years, you’ll appreciate the AppleCare purchase.

But do all the company’s products come with a warranty?

The answer is yes, everything we buy comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, which in the case of Spain and Europe is 24 months from the date of purchase. Remember that the guarantee covers faults that are considered to be manufacturing faults, all those faults or breakages that have to do with use, handling or falls (among other reasons) are not covered by this guarantee.

Do you have any more questions about Apple’s warranty? Leave us your question or comment below.

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