DNDPro complements the undisturbed function of iOS

One of the most talked-about features with the launch of iOS 6 was the Do Not Disturb call. To put our readers in the picture with this utility we can “mute” either the sound, vibration, or both, on our device, and thus avoid receiving any notification for a certain amount of time.

However, thanks to the Jailbreak and through the existing applications in Cydia, this function can be improved and here in Tuning iOS we will explain how.

DNDPro complements the undisturbed function of iOS
DNDPro complements the undisturbed function of iOS

To achieve this, we will use tweak DNDPro, an application developed by DBA Technologies that will allow us to give the Do Not Disturb function a more personal touch. DNDPro costs 0.99 euros and can be found in the ModMyi repository. It does not present any difficulty when you start using it.

Once installed and to configure it according to our preferences we must go to the section Configuration> Notifications> Do not disturb or if necessary the panel dedicated to DNDPro that has been created in the preferences area of our device. The first thing to do, and to do this we will work on the DNDPro settings panel is activate this function in the first available selector .

Within the DNDPro preferences we can choose to suppress all incoming notifications when we have marked those applications or we can choose to have only banners displayed instead of alerts. For the application to work properly we need to mark as above which applications we want to be affected by the function Do Not Disturb .

As can be seen, an extremely simple tweak can give a very valuable result in those cases where we only want to silence one or a few specific notices and not the generality of them.

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