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Divya Nag, another health expert hired by Apple

Throughout this year and also during the past year, Apple has been very active in hiring several health experts, however, during the last few weeks we had not seen any more hiring in this area. After these weeks of pause, so to speak, Apple has added Divya Nag , a rising star in medical technology, to its team.

Nag entered the world of medical technology early this decade, being the co-founder of Stem Cell Theranostics , a company that focuses on technologies for testing new drugs for the market and how the drugs affect patients.

Divya Nag, another health expert hired by Apple
Divya Nag, another health expert hired by Apple

In addition to co-founding Stem Cell Theranostics Nag, he also founded StartX, a Stanford-based “accelerator” for medical technology start-ups, and has recently been recognized for his many achievements in the fields of medicine and science with Forbes magazine’s annual award for the best 30 under 30.

Compared to other medical industry employees recently hired by Apple, Divya Nag’s field of work does not seem to apply immediately to Apple’s future hardware or software . However, a key line in her LinkedIn profile indicates why she could be instrumental in helping to fulfill Apple’s potential ambition to reinvent the healthcare industry and that is that Nag has experience in negotiations with the FDA .

Having this kind of experience in managing product launches, obtaining FDA approval and partnering with the giants of the healthcare industry could make Nag the key to making Apple capable of launching devices such as iWatch and Healthbook software. In fact, Apple has been holding meetings with the FDA for quite some time on these kinds of issues so, with its experience, it is likely that de Nag will play a leading role in future meetings.

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