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Disney+ will reach the TV application on tvOS and iOS

A few weeks ago from Disney they presented their new streaming content service, Disney+, a platform that comes to face other services such as Netflix, HBO or Apple TV+. There were still many doubts about whether we could have access to Disney’s series on iOS and tvOS devices and today through The Verge it has been confirmed that we can.

According to this information, on the same day of the launch we will have the possibility to visualize the Disney contents, such as the Marvel movies, in our iOS devices as well as in the Apple TVs that are compatible with a specific version of tvOS. This makes us think that will be integrated into the TV application.

Disney+ will reach the TV application on tvOS and iOS
Disney+ will reach the TV application on tvOS and iOS

The truth is that Disney has worked to be compatible with many other brands’ devices such as Android mobiles and tablets, Android TV, Chromecast, web browser, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Roku TV . The only one that has not been mentioned is Fire TV which is left in doubt since not even in the promotional images there was an image of this device while the Apple TV did appear.

As we have said before, Disney will integrate perfectly with Apple’s operating systems so that we can subscribe from our iPhone without any problem. In the Apple TV we will have the contents of Disney+ in the TV application (also available in iOS 12), so that we can have a greater order of the contents that we have visualized and of the lists of ‘pending’. If you don’t know yet the TV application in iOS we leave you the review we did here.

At the moment there is no launch date for Spain, knowing only that on November 12th the start will be given in the USA and in November it will be exported to Australia, Canada, Netherlands and New Zealand. The price in the US will be $6.99, so we think that in Europe it can also be around 7, much less than Netflix or HBO although we obviously have a more limited catalogue and only from Disney.

In the next few weeks we are expected to know the release date for more countries, and no doubt Apple must be shaken because many people may prefer to watch Marvel or Disney animation movies rather than their original productions making the Apple TV+ service look overshadowed.

We must wait for the market reaction but it is clear that having Netflix, HBO, Disney+ and Apple TV+ contracted at the same time is something totally unfeasible due to the economic pressure making users have to choose between the one that offers better content or with a greater variety.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of Disney+, will you end up hiring it?

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