Disney+, the new rival of Apple TV+ is already a reality

Disney’s new video service is now a reality, and has been dubbed Disney +. This very night we have seen how many details have been thrown into this new service that will collect numerous Disney contents for a price of $7/month or $69.99/month , and that seems to make the Apple TV+ service tremble. As it has been seen in one of the promotional images Disney+ would be integrated in the Apple TV, so no doubt from Cupertino’s company they will have to work intensely in their service because a new competitor has been added to the list.

In this first contact given by Disney we have seen the interface of the service which is really simple , and is very similar to other similar applications such as Netflix or the TV application itself which is now in beta.

Disney+, the new rival of Apple TV+ is already a reality
Disney+, the new rival of Apple TV+ is already a reality

Going into more detail from Disney it is stated that this service will be available on all devices such as smart televisions, computers, consoles, tablets, phones but leaving out the Apple TV. This question of whether or not it will be on Apple TV has been solved with an image published on Twitter where you can see all the devices that will have Disney+, and Apple TV is one of them.

Source: Twitter Disney

As we say, here Apple has an important task, because the launch of this new platform on November 12 will make the Apple TV+ service look overshadowed. We must remember that Disney+ will include movies from Marvel, Pixar, Falcon.. . Here Cupertino’s company will have to compete with this with good content and above all with a lot of variety, something that we fear will be complicated at first because of its production capacity, although it may surprise us.

Although initially this new service will be available on November 12, it will be limited to the USA, although it is expected that in the coming months it will be extended to the rest of the countries.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about this new service, do you think Apple TV+ should shake to Disney?

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