Disney+ Price and Other Factors Facing Apple TV+

We have already commented on some occasions how the current user dynamics tends to move away from traditional television to focus on streaming content viewing platforms such as Netflix or HBO. Last March, Apple already announced how its new service called Apple TV+ will enter this sector. Now we see how companies like Disney are also betting on this type of platform. Below we analyze precisely the tactic of the latter with which it intends to dethrone the current companies that are on the podium of this type of content.

Several months before the apple company’s presentation of Apple TV+, we already knew some of the content that this platform would have. Films and series with renowned actors and a high production cost seem to be the pride of Cupertino’s people with their platform. However, its official launch is still not very clear, although we had already advanced a few days ago that November could be the key month.

Disney+ Price and Other Factors Facing Apple TV+
Disney+ Price and Other Factors Facing Apple TV+

The announcement of the arrival of Disney+ a few months ago was a great joy for millions of people, fans of the classic films of the great American company. Now the company is in the middle of D23 Expo where it has already advanced relevant data to its streaming platform.

According to media reports such as CNET, the Disney+ platform would have a subscription of 6.99 dollars per month , which could be translated into euros in similar figures. Apple TV+ would have a rate of around $10 per month . And although the difference between the two services is around 3 euros, the truth is that there are succulent differences between the two that could make us opt for one or the other at a given time in case we do not want or can acquire both.

As for devices compatible with these services, it is expected that both iOS and Android devices will be compatible with the Disney+ service. The same will be true for Windows and Mac computers. However, with respect to Apple TV+, we only guarantee that it will be present throughout the Apple ecosystem, including Apple TV receivers. We think that it should also be available on other systems such as Android or Windows if Apple wants to make a really strong commitment to bringing its platform to as many people as possible.

The content of both platforms is expected to be of the highest possible quality, with outputs in 4K for both services. However, the amount of content seems to be higher in Disney, which would have its wide catalogue of films and series while in Apple TV+ would have initially a reduced number of content , which could be a main obstacle for users to be willing to pay more than in the mentioned Disney platform.

For months it was rumored that Apple could delay the launch of its streaming service precisely because of the shortage of content it would have, but it is likely that events such as the arrival of new competitors has precipitated the departure of this to the market. However, it should be noted that Apple TV+ could rely on third party content such as HBO to feed its platform until it can take over its own content.

Be that as it may, it seems clear that the streaming war is about to reach its most algid points and not only will the new and mentioned platforms be involved, but the already established Netflix and HBO could be forced to make some changes if they want to continue being the favorites of the general public.

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