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Disguise your iPhone for Halloween with these Wallpapers

Do you like to change your wallpaper according to the time of year? If you customize your iPhone depending on whether you are in summer, autumn, winter… or the holidays (Christmas, Halloween…), you will already know Halloween is just around the corner, so at iPadizate we have decided to make a small collection with some wallpapers with this theme.

So we invite you to take a look at the wallpapers we have chosen for you and download the ones you like the most. What are you waiting for to change your iPhone wallpaper for a Halloween one?

Disguise your iPhone for Halloween with these Wallpapers
Disguise your iPhone for Halloween with these Wallpapers

As always, please note that if you click on the wallpaper it will open in a new window so you can download it in the highest possible quality . We won’t keep you any longer and we’re off to our particular selection of Halloween wallpapers.

Creepy shelves

With this background it will seem that your applications rest on a shelf full of witchcraft books, poisons, jars with eyes, skulls and spider webs , many spider webs.


While this fund is not Halloween, so to speak, we found it to be a pretty interesting option. It is a wooden table with several leaves and a garland of lights on it .

Smoking cat

Do you remember Cheshire, the cat from Alice in Wonderland ? In this wallpaper he appears as a specter of smoke coming out of a beautiful cup.

Wooden shelves

Another wallpaper that simulates a shelf where the different rows of applications are placed on the main screen. In this case it is a wooden shelf with a skull, a pumpkin and a black cat.

Black and orange

This wallpaper is quite simple, as it is just a totally black background with the silhouette of some eyes and a smile sewn in orange .


If there is something that automatically reminds us of Halloween it is the pumpkin , so a wallpaper with it as the main character could not be missing. In this case you can see in the foreground a pumpkin with a little blur behind.

Happy Halloween

This wallpaper that simulates a wooden panel with a white Mexican skull with colored flowers is very beautiful and will give a special touch to your iPhone.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Last but not least, we leave you a wallpaper with Jack Skellington as the main character. A cemetery, a full moon and pumpkins form the setting in which the protagonist of Nightmare Before Christmas appears.

These are the Halloween wallpapers we’ve chosen for you. We hope you like them and that they will help you give your iPhone a different look these days.

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