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discovered a function to restore the iPhone without a computer

With yesterday’s launch of new betas, we are once again faced with surprises. Since 9to5Mac they have come up with a very interesting function, it is “OS Recovery” or “Operating System Recovery”. Everything points to the fact that Apple is trying out alternative ways to reinstall iOS without having a computer nearby.

OS Recovery, iOS recovery directly from the Internet

macOS has a feature to reinstall the operating system of a Mac from the Internet. With no need for a USB or other computer nearby, the computer connects to the internet to download the latest version and reinstall it. Simply restart your computer and press the alt + cmd + R keys to launch the recovery mode.

discovered a function to restore the iPhone without a computerdiscovered a function to restore the iPhone without a computer

On the other hand, when an iPhone or iPad suffers a serious problem and requires reinstallation of the operating system, we must connect it to a computer. For those of us who already have a computer at home, this is not a big problem. But as users have started to do without a PC or a Mac in their lives, there is no other solution than to go to an Apple Store .

Image obtained by 9to5Mac from the iOS recovery function.

OS Recovery would allow an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that has been damaged by a serious error or an update issue to be brought back to life. And it would do so without the need for a computer (with Catalina macOS you leave iTunes behind and take over the Finder).

This new feature has been found in iOS code 13.4 and is not yet accessible . But the capture obtained by the publication is very revealing. It shows an interface similar to the one that appears when initially synchronizing an AirPod, Apple TV or HomePod.

Another necessary step for an iPhone without ports

The publication points out that products such as the HomePod and the Apple Watch do not have the ability to connect to a computer. If necessary, we should take them to a shop or specialized service because there is no port to connect to and restore the system.

The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, on the other hand, do have a port. Although, as we have seen, it is increasingly the case that users do not have more equipment than the terminal. So the connector is useless in these situations .

The OS Recovery function has all the ballots to make it a reality. Either with iOS 13.4 or with iOS 14 from summer onwards, we should see a way to restore computers without requiring a computer . It is an essential piece of the rumored port-less iPhone that we have been talking about for a long time.

At AppleWhy the iPhone’s Lightning Port is Counting

Of course, such a terminal should take into consideration functions such as CarPlay , which right now depend on the cable in many vehicles. In addition to incorporating a wireless charging system much faster than the current one. There are still many unknowns about this, so it’s best to wait and see how things develop.