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Discover these 4 easy tricks for WhatsApp

Recently we were talking about one of the new features of this popular messaging application, its famous states that cause so much furore. Today we’re back on track with 4 simple tricks that will make your favourite network an even fuller experience . Sometimes we just put in a nice profile picture, a phrase or state to go with it, because “Hey there I’m using WhatsApp” is too obvious.

Bold, italics and strikethrough

This is done using Markdown, a format used in digital writing to enrich texts. For example, this blog and many more like iPadizate, Xombit or Andro4All use it. But let’s get to the point. To put bold you must write 2 asterisks before and after the word or phrase. So a simple ‘Applesupportphonenumber’ becomes Applesupportphonenumber , which is cool.

Discover these 4 easy tricks for WhatsApp
Discover these 4 easy tricks for WhatsApp

For the italics, we will put the word between underscores so that it comes out like this, Applesupportphonenumber . Finally, if you want to put a word that has been crossed out, you have to put it between virgules, that is, “the tail of the ñ”, which is ~.

Easy access to recent chats

With iOS 10 it’s easy to access recent chats and it’s done with a widget. Slide from the iPhone’s central screen to the right, scroll down to “Edit” and there Add Widgets>More Widgets>Recent Chats . This gives you direct access to the latest chats. Convenient and simple at the same time.

Tell Siri

Also from iOS 10 you can dictate your messages to Siri without opening the application . Tell him you want to send a message to any contact using the command “Send a WhatsApp to…” and you dictate clearly what you want. She will read it to you before sending it and if everything is correct tell her you want to send it. Easy when you can’t use your fingers. I was recently with a bandaged arm and Siri helped me a lot in this aspect.

If you’re right about mobile data

And you are to make use of WhatsApp’s calls you can lower your data usage so that even though the audio quality will not be completely perfect you will still reduce your consumption. To do this follow the path Settings>Call Settings>Download Data.

You no longer have an excuse to get more out of the most famous green app. Now it’s time to get them up and running and let us know in comments how you’re doing to get the most out of WhatsApp .

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