Discover the “Shot on iPhone” videos that will stimulate your senses

Apple has just released up to 4 new videos that fall under its well-known “Shot on iPhone” campaign and are focused on ASMR. You’re probably wondering what this means, since ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is a type of video that is gaining popularity on YouTube and is designed to stimulate your senses.

These experiences are often characterized by a tingling sensation in the skin that normally begins in the scalp, runs down the back of the neck and up the spine. This is achieved through images and sounds that will make you feel different things.

Discover the “Shot on iPhone” videos that will stimulate your senses
Discover the “Shot on iPhone” videos that will stimulate your senses

The video series just released by Apple consists of 4 episodes and their duration is significantly longer than usual for the company’s videos, all are between 6 and 10 minutes long . You can expect more from the company as these four videos are part of a list called Apple ASMR: Season 1 . In all of them the listening experience is very important so we recommend using headphones or a good sound system.

The first one is called Whispers from Ghost Forest , and we have several images of what seems to be a beach and a woman telling us the legend of the Ghost Forest .

The second video is called Satisfying woodshop sounds , Satisfying woodshop sounds, and takes us to the workshop of a man who works with wood creating works of art.

The fourth video takes us to the mountains and in it we follow a man walking on a path. It is entitled Crunching sounds on the trail , Crunching sounds on the trail.

Finally we have A calm rain at camp , which will delight you if you are one of those who like to hear it raining .

As you may have noticed, these are very interesting videos and they were all recorded with an iPhone . If you like this kind of videos you can now enjoy them from Apple as well.

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