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Discover The Robots That Will Assemble the Future iPhone

In June of last year, a news story came out that Foxconn might use robots to replace some employees on the iPhone 6 assembly line. The Foxbots were not as fast and accurate as originally expected, however great progress has been made and the robots that will assemble future iPhones and other devices will be much more efficient .

A group of researchers at UC Berkeley have made a major breakthrough in the creation of such robots. According to them, they have managed to create a set of algorithms that allow robots to learn by trial and error just like humans when it comes to learning new things.

Discover The Robots That Will Assemble the Future iPhone
Discover The Robots That Will Assemble the Future iPhone

With this kind of robot education there is nothing the robot won’t be able to do. This kind of robots could be in charge of assembling the future generations of the iPhone, but this group of mechanical beings could also be in charge of building other devices, skyscrapers and many other things .

Intelligent robots could be in charge of assembling the future iPhone

The algorithms create a technique based on learning by reinforcement , where the test machine has to hang up clothes, build a toy plane, put a cap on a water bottle or any other kind of thing we learn through trial and error without thinking about it. So, these robots could learn to assemble future iPhones.

Pieter Abbeel, professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Berkeley commented that “what we are showing here is a new approach to allow a robot to learn” . On the other hand, he points out that “the key is that when a robot is faced with something new it will not have to be reprogrammed” . The same software, which codes the way the robot can learn, is used to allow it to learn all the different tasks that are put before it.

With this type of programming, automated beings can adapt to different environments without having to wait for new instructions . Imagine a Mars Rover capable of continuing its exploration without having to wait for instructions from NASA. There is no doubt that we are heading towards a very interesting future.

These robots would prevent iPhone availability problems

From CultofMac they point out that in the not too distant future we could begin to see these deep learning robots that could become part of the assembly line of the iPhone and other Apple products. Once they have learned their task, these robots could assemble the iPhones at a faster rate than Foxbots and people do now.

In this way, Apple would avoid availability problems for future generations of the iPhone , a device that is in great demand by users.

What do you think of these new robots? Do you think they will become part of the iPhone assembly line in the future?

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