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Discover the best tricks to take advantage of iOS 10

The latest operating system for iPhone and iPad, iOS 10 has had a 60 percent adoption rate among users of these supported devices, according to official data published on Apple’s website.

These figures show that more and more users are joining the group that wants to take advantage of all the new features of iOS 10; if you are one of them, you will surely want to know some of the most interesting tricks and tips to make the most of it.

Discover the best tricks to take advantage of iOS 10
Discover the best tricks to take advantage of iOS 10

iOS offers us a variety of useful possibilities, but no matter how much we interact with our iPhone or iPad we don’t always get to know all the tricks available, among which are:

  • iOS reads to you: Literally our iPhone or iPad can read a text that we select, for this we only have to make the following configuration: Settings , General , Accessibility and there to Read where we will activate “Read selection”. To use the function we must select any text and press Read.
  • Search for accurate photos: users can search for photos by category through Siri. To do so, they must access the Photos application, then the Photos tab, press the search button at the top, and select the category they want to find, example: “Landscapes, animals, etc.”
  • Keep your privacy: iOS 10 widgets display private things and information, even from the lock screen, making it possible for anyone nearby to see it. To avoid prying eyes you can turn off this option in Settings , Touch ID and Code. Then click on the “Today’s View” box.
  • Don’t neglect bedtime: Now, from the clock app you will find a section called “Bedtime” to configure what time you want the iPhone to remind you to go to bed, what time you will get up, etc. In addition, this serves to keep track of your sleeping habits from the app “Health”.
  • Unlock without pressing the Home button: To unlock your iPhone (or iPad) without pressing the Home button, access the following settings General Settings , Accessibility , Home button and activate the “Place your finger to open” option.

The list of useful tips and tricks to take advantage of iOS 10 is always growing; if you know of any other, don’t hesitate to share it

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