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Discover the Best Tricks for Optimizing Searches on Google

Discover the best tips and tricks to improve your Google searches

For some time now, Google has been the undisputed king of Internet search engines . The search engine allows us to carry out searches of all kinds: information, videos, images… and many users use it on a daily basis. But do we make effective use of this search engine? There is something that many users don’t know, and that is that there are several tricks and functions that allow us to save a lot of time when making our searches and find what we want.

Even though we users continually use Google to search or query anything, most of the time we don’t do it as efficiently as possible. But we have a very complete infographic in which they explain some of the tricks and tools that can be most useful to users .

Discover the Best Tricks for Optimizing Searches on GoogleDiscover the Best Tricks for Optimizing Searches on Google

These tools not only allow us to save time in our searches, but also help us to find the most relevant results . Optimising Google searches has its complications at first, until with use we memorise these tools and use them automatically without thinking. Without further ado, we leave you with the company’s computer graphics, which we hope will be of great use to you.

Tips and tools to improve your Google searches

To become the king of searches you need to know some of the most useful tricks offered by the search engine giant, like the ones we tell you below, some you will already know but others you will surely not, for example, when we want to search for an exact phrase we have to use quotes .

Other tricks are adding a dash before a concept to exclude it from the search , using asterisks instead of words we don’t remember within a phrase we want to search for or if we put a colon between two figures we’ll be saying to search within that range.

On the other hand, we have several ways to further centralize searches by placing a code followed by a colon before the search . This way “Site” will search within a website, “Related” will show us websites related to the one we’re looking for, “Location” searches for news related to a particular place or “Allinurl” words within the URL, among many others.

As you may know, the search engine does not recognize punctuation and grammatical marks in searches, but there are some punctuation marks and symbols that do work in certain searches . For example, the symbol “+” works in searches like blood group, “@” and ”

The world’s most widely used search engine also has some special features that allow you to find what you’re looking for very quickly without having to hit “Search”. So, if we put the name of a football team, it will come up automatically. Other of these functions allow us to know the exact time or time of a place, search for words, translate words or phrases and even know where a shipment is by entering the locator.

Finally, who hasn’t tried and seen the Google jokes when we enter certain search terms ? Some of these jokes are “do a barrel roll” (rotates the screen) or “Google in 1998” (shows the search engine interface in that year).