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Discover more features of the Apple Glasses and the location beacon

Apple’s beacon that would allow us to find lost objects could be a closer reality than we thought. Because again from 9to5Mac provide information filtered by their sources about this and another almost mythological device from the California company: the Apple Glasses .

A beacon with bluetooth LE, NFC and a speaker

Guilherme Rambo is the editor who has again revealed details about both devices. About the tracker, a small device capable of telling us its location , he says that it is full of technology and that its functions are the following:

  • White label with a circular shape and the Apple logo.
  • Low Energy Bluetooth and NFC for communications.
  • A small speaker to assist in its location.
Discover more features of the Apple Glasses and the location beacon
Discover more features of the Apple Glasses and the location beacon

It would work with an iOS version light and would link to the user’s iCloud account via proximity. As with AirPods, HomePod or Apple Card . The NFC would allow others to scan it and see who it belongs to. In addition, Apple would be using the same system to find a lost Mac announced in the WWDC. This system does not require an Internet connection, as it would rely on devices from the surrounding block. All in a secure and private way.

At AppleMore software details: school mode, low light photo mode and MacRumors confirmed sleep monitoring

This way, when the tag is lost, you can communicate your status by relying on other users’ devices. They can even display a message on these devices to assist in their recovery. Finally, the app Find Me will have a new section where we will see the Items associated with this tag . When we’re in the vicinity we can turn the sound on or use augmented reality to find it.

Apple Glasses or something else?

As for the so-called Apple Glasses , Rambo is more hesitant about his findings. This is a device that would support an augmented reality experience in stereo that supports a system that is placed on the face. The author likens it to the Google Daydream, although it requires a smartphone to work. There would be three devices involved in this augmented reality effort: two from Apple called Luck and Franc and a third from outside the company called Holokit.

Apps would play an important role, where they would be played in a similar way to CarPlay where the iPhone acts as the main device that powers the apps. They will have two modes, one for when they are “held” (possibly on the iPhone) and another for when they are “dressed” (placed on the user). These extensions to the apps would work in a similar way as the apps did in the original Apple Watch.

At AppleApple’s smart glasses will go into production between late 2019 and mid-2020, according to Kuo

Next week’s iPhone will be announced with improvements in the quality of augmented reality thanks to the extra wide angle sensor. Also v was a sample of these “stereo” apps in three places in the system: Maps, Find me and QuickLook, the latter allowing you to view objects in augmented reality from Safari.

Although there is no certainty that a device related to this project will be announced next week or in the future, of course sounds like an intermediate step in Apple’s foray into augmented reality. We have been watching ARKit for two years now and this information could indicate an intermediate step to genuine Apple glasses.

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