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Discover a new way to call with Zadarma

We love cell phones. We can spend hours and hours looking at each other, comparing to decide which one will be next in our pocket. However, when it comes to choosing how we are going to call, it takes us longer to decide, because it is not always easy to get a good rate . The same goes for VoIP calls, which we had considered complicated, until Zadarma came along to simplify them, and at the best price .

Before we go into detail, what are IP or VoIP calls? They are based on sending our encrypted voice over the network , which allows to lower the costs of the call. However, with most companies offering this technology, we will not get adequate quality. Luckily this changes with Zadarma, a project that masters IP technology and offers us the best calls of this kind on the market, with scandalous rates.

Discover a new way to call with Zadarma
Discover a new way to call with Zadarma

If we have already decided on these calls, we will have to find a rate that suits our needs . And in Zadarma they offer us three possibilities. The first one is the “standard” one, in which they give us 100 free minutes to call seven different countries -something almost impossible to find in other operators-, without monthly fee and without having to make a minimum payment , something totally different because if we do not exceed those 100 minutes, we will get totally free the calls of that month , as long as we have recharged a minimum of five euros in our account.

Another option is the “savings” rate, in which we can call for just a few cents a minute, with no extra payments and without having to pay for the connection , which would get rid of the already known as call establishment that ends up costing us so much. To top it off, they offer us another rate with which to have free calls to 40 countries, and we can get up to 400 free minutes for two months .

In other words, now is the time to start learning about VoIP calls , and best of all, thanks to Zadarma’s good rates, download your app now!

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