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Disabling Mail Preview in iOS

Today we bring you a new trick for iOS, where we will teach you how to disable the preview of the emails from the unlock screen, because by default a small fragment appears with the content of the message, and there will be many who do not like that information appears. The trick also applies to other system applications, such as iMessage or SMS.

If you are very jealous of privacy, one of the things you don’t like about iOS is that every time an email arrives, you see a small preview of it on the unlocking screen; so someone not knowing our unlocking code may know what the email is about .

Disabling Mail Preview in iOS
Disabling Mail Preview in iOS

For my convenience and because of my iPhone’s battery life, I have my email notifications turned off, and the iPhone neither displays notification strips nor vibrates or rings, it simply displays the number of unread messages in the email application icon on the Home screen. That also helps me not to get distracted every minute.

However, if you are one of those who receive one or two emails a day, you will want to let the notifications keep coming , but you may want to remove the message preview. Well, iOS allows us to do that, and here are the steps to follow:

  • We’re going to Adjustments
  • We choose the account for which we want to disable notifications.
  • We deactivate the Preview option.
  • We’re out of the iOS settings. If you have multiple accounts where you want to turn this off, it is as simple as repeating this step as many times as necessary; and if you want to reverse the changes you only need to reactivate the Preview option.

Now, with the preview turned off, only the name of the person sending the mail will appear , but the subject and message will no longer appear, as we can see in the following screenshot:

Remember that disabling mail preview is only available for system applications such as Mail, Messages and SMS. However, third party mail clients such as Gmail don’t allow this . So if we want to get rid of this preview, we’ll need to remove it directly from the Gmail notification center.

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