Disabled users are the focus of Apple’s new campaign

Llevo meses utilizando accesorios HomeKit y no veo razón para cambiar de plataforma

Lately Apple was focusing a lot on the cameras of its iPhone 7 Plus, but a new advertising campaign with seven ads has broken this trend. And how: they are spots with a very different style than what we are used to, focused on users with disabilities who use Apple products .

Disabled users are the focus of Apple’s new campaign
Disabled users are the focus of Apple’s new campaign

Each ad describes a person’s life and work, so no 30-second videos. We are looking at small reports of more than a minute and a half each, in which we see how each user does it to live their day to day life with the help of the accessibility features of iOS and macOS .

Here are the videos. They give for a 15 minute break and to be able to enjoy them calmly:

Apple has always had an advantage among users with disabilities, since all the extra support they need is included as standard in iOS. If it weren’t for the users themselves, the main characters would be Siri and Voiceover, plus some glimpses with HomeKit.

In fact, this is the first time we have seen the importance of HomeKit for users with disabilities highlighted. Its first announcement only highlighted the comfort it brings to the general public, but an automatic lock can make life much easier for someone who cannot be separated from their wheelchair . And that, of course, means that Apple is constantly on the lookout for ways to help customers who have a harder time of it.

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