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Digits for tvOS, Twitter’s verification system adds support for Apple TV

The new Apple TV is a great product, at least I think so, although I recognize that at the software level it has to improve. I have no doubt that Apple will remove some of the current restrictions and fix some of the issues that blur the user experience. The Next Web

Signing in or simply entering your password to purchase apps from the Apple Store is a pain. Going character by character with the new Siri Remote is not comfortable at all. So it’s no wonder that Facebook launched its own SDK or that Twitter now announces Digits for tvOS .

Digits for tvOS, Twitter’s verification system adds support for Apple TV
Digits for tvOS, Twitter’s verification system adds support for Apple TV

Digits for tvOS is the solution that Twitter proposes to facilitate the login on Apple TV. With a few lines of code, developers who want to can use Digits as a login method. Its operation is none other than replacing the traditional startup with a few digits that we will have to introduce. This is not a perfect solution but it is an improvement.

Example of Swift code to integrate Digits

/ Swiftfunc didTapButton(sender: AnyObject)let viewController = DGTAssistedAuthViewController(appearance: nil) session, error in/ Inspect sessionerror objects}presentViewController(viewController, animated: true, completion: nil)}

Nevertheless, although I understand the “independent” character that Apple wants to give to the product, favoring the unlocking or input of access data through the iPhone or iPad and iCloud Keychain should already be a reality. Especially because it would be very convenient to use Touch ID to log in to any application or service on Apple TV.

Being able to use Touch ID on our iPhone or iPad in conjunction with the new Apple TV would be great

Anyway I say that is not the only improvement, they should also offer sorting with folders, remote installation of applications purchased from the Mac, iPhone or iPad, remove the limitation of 200MB per application, and so on. Details that will be carried out, as there are already indications but meanwhile some users will feel disappointed. The good thing is that if you are patient the device is very worthwhile.

If you are interested in Digits you have more information at, where you can download it. Then the documentation is in