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Digital book stores for iOS, the best options for reading on your iPhone or iPad [E-book special].

Little by little we have managed to have a important offer in the iOS ecosystem as far as e-books are concerned . Starting with Apple itself, which knew how necessary it was to have a good offer when it presented the iPad, we have seen how the main distributors have come in to show their catalogue.

We can already say that we have the best possible offer in terms of e-books available at our fingertips. We have the great ones and we have, of course, some lesser-known options, let’s get to it.

Digital book stores for iOS, the best options for reading on your iPhone or iPad [E-book special].
Digital book stores for iOS, the best options for reading on your iPhone or iPad [E-book special].

Let’s start with the big three, the big three heavyweights of the industry, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the shushing cheetah Apple . The big two, which we could consider Amazon and Barnes & Noble have their own e-books and tablets, but both have seen the opportunity of the iPad and iOS and have created apps to offer their catalogue on this platform.

The big three with their offer landing on iOS

Let’s start with Amazon, I think few words are enough with the giant of books (and more) on the Internet. In fact it was perhaps the first to land (after iBook) on the iPad. First let’s review the defect, it is necessary to have a computer with a browser to download the books since we can not do it from the application itself. But on the contrary we have the largest eBook catalogue on the Internet , by far. The Kindle application is highly developed and we can choose sources, backgrounds and perform dictionary searches. [Link to application]

Barnes & Noble also has its own offer for the iPad (for iPhone and iPod as well) and can access its catalogue thanks to its application. Perhaps here the offer in Spanish is not as wide as in Amazon. But on the contrary, we can buy books through the application itself and download them to the device. It has a wide catalogue, but better offer in English than in Spanish [Link to application]

Apple, of course, oriented the iPad to electronic reading . The day of its presentation in 2010 was the “something else” that Apple presented along with its tablet. We have already talked to you about the struggles to get publishers who wanted to offer content in iBooks, but little by little they have managed to expand their catalogue. The best thing is that the application is in perfect symbiosis with iOS. [Link to application]

In short, it is not a matter of choosing one but of combining all three . We are always guided by content offer and best price, the three applications are totally free, we only have to buy the book we want to read.

Other e-book stores

But we don’t have to keep the big three. We can keep looking a little further and get e-books from other websites and use an application of our choice or Apple’s own iBook to read it comfortably. Let’s look at some options.

    Especial libro electrónico

    La casa del libro :Perhaps in our country, Spain, we are in front of the most important distribution company we have. It has a very good catalogue and we always have offers to take advantage of. For me, they have known how to adapt and present a good catalogue and they have many novelties in the Spanish literary market. [Link to shop]

  • E-Book: In this case we are dealing with an electronic distributor of mainly technical books. Biology, Philosophy, Engineering… Whatever career you are studying you will surely be able to access many of the books you need. Obviously the price of the books is higher, since they are very technical books. [Link to shop]
  • Elaleph: Somewhat more modest, but a good option too where we can download books in Spanish and at very cheap prices, and even for free. The books are in PDF format and the paid ones usually come with DRM protection. [Link to shop]

We have options in the end and it’s just a matter of finding the one that best suits our needs. But as we said before, we should not marry anyone, because we must always seek the best option for our pocket, we have a choice.

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