Different generations of iMac G3 in the PowerPC Macs Special

We continue with the last entry that closes the PowerPC Macs special with a key model of the era, the iMac G3 , a computer that can be found well priced in online auctions today and is still able to work very well despite the more than 10 years it has been on its back. If you have a model of this type, don’t forget to visit its support page, which you should read at Apple Support.

The first model in the iMac range, the iMac G3 or “head” for friends, is the only iMac to incorporate a CRT monitor, There are 16 revisions of this model, ranging from the original iMac (with a 233 MHz G3 processor and a CD-ROM optical drive tray) to the latest with a 700 MHz G3 processor and a slot-in DVD-CDRW drive). The iMac G3 was the first Macintosh to do without a floppy disk drive and the Apple Desktop Bus and includes USB ports and is the only Apple brand desktop computer to be available in a wide range of colours .

Designed for consumption

Different generations of iMac G3 in the PowerPC Macs Special
Different generations of iMac G3 in the PowerPC Macs Special

Apart from the fact that iMac had an unprecedented success in the consumer market (well, we were coming from a very bad time), it was designed with the end user in mind. Ease of use, visual appeal and innovation inside and out were the main virtues of this fabulous computer.

Proof of this is the video that I have left you about one of the ads that made it popular, and is that the i of iMac comes from the dawn of the was internet , because in addition to ethernet connection , the iMac came equipped with a fantastic 56k modem ready to be used in the heyday of the “flat rate” and the connection by minutes. Notice how the video perfectly illustrates the idea that Apple wants to convey: simplicity, aesthetics, and connectivity.

iMac G3 range

As we said at the beginning there were 16 revisions of the model, but the most important to my point of view is when we went from the first tray model to the most advanced and colorful model with optical unit in slot-in . Both with the 15-inch tube monitor , which supported a maximum resolution of 1024×768 . In terms of software, the systems were the most varied, but above all centred on the Classic, Mac OS 9 ; although it was already on sale on the first iMac with Mac OS 8.1.

The first models had G3 processors of 233, 266 and 333MHz and the slot-in ones, more powerful and newer (let’s remember that the last ones started to be sold in 2001 and even extended until 2002) mounted processors from 350MHz to 700MHz of its more powerful version. As you can see this was also a model in which Apple introduced improvements gradually throughout its reign.

Of all the range of colors, which began with the Blondi blue (blue-green that you see in the capture at the beginning of the entry), I personally liked the most was the model Snow, all white that would undoubtedly give way to the generation of G4 lamps and later to the G5 and first Intel. Especial Macs PowerPC

Peripherals and accessories

Along with the iMac G3 was introduced one of the mice most hated by all the machinists , the ” Puck ” nicknamed so because of the similarity with the ice hockey tablet was uncomfortable, it went with a rather imprecise ball and to many eyes it seemed ugly . One of the innovations that only garnered criticism in this model of Macs. On the other hand, the keyboard was quite good and it had USB connectors that extended the side of the connections, which was a good idea to gain space and to have few cables coming out of this model. The connection box was hidden with a small semitransparent plastic door with a hole for the cables, all elegant.

On this connection panel (from the first iMac G3 model) we find two USB 1.1 ports , which at that time were ultra-reliable and the network connections, ethernet and RJ-45 plus another audio output and a microphone input. Two small speakers that sounded pretty bad and two headphone sockets were also mounted in the housing. Here I leave you another announcement in which you can see the connections and features of a G3 model with slot-in, the “grape” model.


The iMac G3 was undoubtedly the model that meant the revival of the company , was adopted by many users, brought very interesting advances and was one of the computers that lasted the longest, since you could even install Tiger (in a slot-in model). Currently, mine, which I bought on eBay for 60 euros about two years ago, works great. I have it on display in the dining room, serves to play music and little else, but with the 256MB of RAM that I updated (and that cost me theirs, because in the tray model the RAM was anything but accessible) and with the G3 processor at 333MHz is able to move Panther with ease.

It is a model that must be included in any collection of Macs from any self-respecting collector , a reliable and durable machine whose design is tremendously attractive. It was the dawn of a new era and the workhorse that led Apple to take a slice of the consumer market and gain in popularity and many other aspects.

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