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differences between the two generations of Appl

Finally, Apple has launched the second generation AirPod with a host of new features inside and wireless charging in the case. Now is when doubts start to arise: does it compensate against the previous ones? what are all the differences? what changes in these new AirPods? Let’s break down all these doubts.

Second generation AppleAirPods now available: “Oye Siri”, new H1 chip and wireless charging case

It seems that the exclusive that we have anticipated at Apple has been fulfilled, the new AirPods were to arrive at the stores on March 29th. With the delivery times that Apple is offering now, everything points to the fact that they will actually arrive on the 29th, next Friday. Is it worth buying them? If you don’t have the first generation, it certainly is. If you have the originals there are things to keep in mind .

All changes to the new AirPods

If we analyze in detail the new AirPods we can find a series of important changes . They are as follows:

  • H1 Chip: Apple is abandoning the W1 chip used in the first generation of AirPods. This chip referred to “wireless”, now it seems that they are going to focus on their own exclusive chip for headphones, H for “headphones”. At the moment this chip seems to be improving against the W1 providing active listening and more autonomy. Apple says it also makes switching between devices twice as fast, latency is reduced by 30% and the connection for calls is 1.5 times faster.
  • “Hey Siri”: The first big change we found from the previous version is “Hey Siri”. With this function we only need to say “Oye Siri” with the headphones on and it will start listening to us to activate commands such as changing the volume, changing the song or calling someone.
  • Wireless charging case: Optional but new. The new wireless charging case allows you to charge not only by Lightning cable but also on a Qi charging base. It has an LED indicator on the front to warn that it is being charged.
  • 50% more autonomy in conversations: According to Apple, the new AirPods increase up to 50% (one extra hour) of the time when using the microphone for example in calls. This as always depends on several factors, although it seems that we have a substantial improvement in the battery when using the microphones, related to the active listening of “Oye Siri”.
  • Text engraving on the case: Just like on the Apple Pencil 2 and just like we had on the iPods years ago, Apple allows you to add a custom engraving on the AirPod case to make it more personal.

To sum up: a new chip that makes them have more autonomy in certain occasions, the possibility of using “Oye Siri”, the option of charging them wirelessly and the option of adding a text engraving in the case. Small changes that update one of Apple’s most popular and highly rated products.

How the AirPod catalogue looks

Now that the new AirPods have arrived, the company has removed the originals from its catalogue. However, there are more changes and options to cover different needs. The purchase options are as follows:


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    AirPods with charging case: With the new H1 chip and “Oye Siri”, but no wireless charging in the case. They cost 179 euros, the same price as the originals.

  • AirPods with wireless charging case: With the new H1 chip, “Oye Siri” and wireless charging case. They cost 229 euros.
  • Wireless charging case for AirPods: Only the wireless charging case, compatible with new and original AirPods. It costs 89 euros.

If you have had your original AirPods for a while and your battery is more than just degraded, now is the perfect time to get your new ones . With or without the wireless charging case? That already depends on how you use the wireless charging, although it’s certainly much more convenient than connecting a cable.

differences between the two generations of Appl
differences between the two generations of Appl

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