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developers will have access to CareKit

CareKit, an instance created for developers and presented less than a month ago, is now with us. It seeks to help application developers create more evolved work environments, by taking on different roles in the “technological health “.

What CareKit is looking for is to open the door so that different companies and independent developers can have the opportunity to add applications for the iPhone or their iPad, reviewing instantly the different treatments or reviewing symptoms that would appear in patients of the different hospitals and specialized clinics.

developers will have access to CareKit
developers will have access to CareKit

On the other hand, Jeff Williams, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, saw this paradigm shift as a significant advance in health and technology, delivering new tools to developers.

A little over a month after the presentation in March and the release of this code for developers, applications that seek to simplify the task of users in simple medical tasks arrived on the App Store . We also found: “One Drop”, an application that controls the state of diabetes, “Start”, a program that seeks to generate a habit in the medication of depression, to mention some important ones.

But that was not all, Apple apparently wants to add developers and generate a large number of applications for health . Why did we mention this? Because Apple has placed the working code in the GitHub platform, giving an incentive to those users who wanted to have access to the creation of apps.

It should be mentioned that CareKit is a software designed to actively manage health-related applications, performing special monitoring and delivering vital information and necessary in order to avoid unnecessary problems resulting from people’s health.

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