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Developers tested a Mac Pro before its release

The Mac Pro had more presence at WWDC than the show we saw at the presentation, as The Foundry team presented MARI along with Pixar, and showed it running on the new Mac Pro. MARI is a 3D painting software that was coincidentally presented for the Mac at the same time as the new Mac Pro, as it was only available for Windows until now.

The Foundry computer visual effects company announced this week MARI for Mac, an animation industry standard for painting 3D objects . MARI has been used in such famous movies as Avatar or The Avengers. Now The Foundry has partnered with Pixar and announced this tool with OS X in one of the WWDC talks.

Developers tested a Mac Pro before its release
Developers tested a Mac Pro before its release

In just eight weeks they have managed to port almost all the software to Mac, and have been able to offer a public display. The best part is that MARI was presented running on the new Mac Pro , demonstrating the work that Pixar has done on the software to finish off their next creation that comes out this very Friday: Monsters University.

AppleInsider was able to talk to The Foundry and we now know how the English were able to work with the new Mac Pro before its introduction; it all happened in a room at Apple headquarters called Evil Lab . In these tests, the Mac Pro was completely enclosed in a giant metal box , leaving its new mystery as part of an unknown to Pixar and The Foundry that was not discovered until last Monday.

This all started when The Foundry went to talk to Apple about porting MARI to the Mac . After talking to Apple’s Developer PR team, they agreed to present MARI for OS X at WWDC.

Phil Schiller was really amazed at the progress of the project, so he decided that the only way for MARI on the Mac to do justice was to give it some special time at one of the WWDC developer sessions, and that’s what happened.

Apple’s Vice President of International Developer Relations, Ron Okamoto , also dedicated his words to MARI:

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