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Developer sues Apple for using the name Animoji

Apple overcame one more demand, now by using the name ” Animoji ” for one of the exclusive features of the iPhone X.

Despite the fact that Apple tried to negotiate with the developer , the developer rejected the offer, going on to sue Cupertino’s people.

Developer sues Apple for using the name Animoji
Developer sues Apple for using the name Animoji

Interestingly, the application is currently on the App Store under the same name, where it consists of sharing animated texts through instant messaging applications.

Apparently, Apple tried to negotiate with the developer to be able to use its registered name without success, so the day before the new devices were introduced, Apple tried to cancel the trademark at the United States Patent Office.

The developer is Enrique Bonansea , where he has achieved about 18.000 downloads for his application “Animoji”, which was published in the App Store in 2014. He also registered that trademark, which is why he has decided to sue Apple.

Animoji is an exclusive feature of the iPhone X , where emojis are able to detect our facial movements and interpret them in real time, such as opening our mouth, turning our head or even smiling.

Apple will probably reach an agreement with the developer not to continue with the lawsuit, where in these cases, it is usually solved with a quite interesting financial compensation.


If you are curious to read the lawsuit , it is available for download in PDF, where you will find all the details regarding this conflict with the Animoji brand, of which, we will have to wait to see how this story ends.

Anyway, Apple is going through some really intense weeks with lawsuits of all kinds, from misleading advertising to patent infringement. Let’s hope that the lawsuit with Animoji comes to fruition for both parties.

What do you think about Apple’s action? Should I stop using the Animoji brand?

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