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details of what will be Google Now’s competitor are revealed

Omarjordanf, Mikael

Now 9to5Mac has leaked details of something called Apple Proactive .

details of what will be Google Now’s competitor are revealed
details of what will be Google Now’s competitor are revealed

Defining it is easy: it is a competitor of Google Now that will rely on the same system of combining Siri, the agenda, the calendar, the maps, third party applications and even Passbook so that the iPhone gives us the information we need before we realize we need it .

Proactive will be an evolution of the Spotlight search engine in iOS, which we can invoke by moving our finger down from the main system screen. It will use new APIs, and has been in preparation for years as it has gathered talent from Apple’s surgical acquisitions (remember Cue in 2013, an application nailed to Google Now). We will invoke it as we invoked Spotlight some time ago: by moving the first page of icons to the right.

Proactive will feed off our routine to work, but will continue to respect our privacy to the fullest

The Proactive interface, as described in the source, will consist of a text box for searching for anything using Spotlight from which we can also find related news items. Below, an interface divided into elements will combine information for us so that we can, for example, access a plane ticket stored in Passbook directly from its boarding time marked on the calendar.

Our routine will also come up in Proactive: if we wake up at the same time each day with the iPhone and open a particular application, a shortcut to that application may appear on the lock screen. Or if we call someone every week with British punctuality, a shortcut to make that call may also appear punctually. And of course, restaurant suggestions will appear around our location if we allow it.

The problem with Proactive, apparently, is that it’s a very ambitious part of iOS that might not see the light of day in iOS 9 even though Cupertino is already very advanced in development. Why? Because iOS 9, as rumored before, wants to focus on optimizing its performance and stability before presenting big improvements. So it all depends on the decisions they’ve made recently.

Fortunately, there’s little left to find out. The keynote has already been confirmed for 7pm (in Spain) on June 8th and whatever the decision, there is no doubt that we will see iOS 9 for the first time. Fingers crossed, because this Proactive thing looks very interesting.

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