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Desktop or laptop with screen, that’s the question

During the last keynotes Apple has made it very clear: the company has become primarily a seller of mobile devices . We do have an excellent range of desktop computers led by the popular iMac, but Steve Jobs himself said that much of the cake is taken by MacBooks on the day the iPad saw the light.

Because even though we have iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac mini as desktop solutions, there’s one solution that’s proving to be more popular. And I’m not talking about the transition of some users to the iPad: I’m talking about using a laptop as an ordinary desktop .

Desktop or laptop with screen, that’s the question
Desktop or laptop with screen, that’s the question

Apple, in fact, has already thought of this type of user and has an excellent screen specially designed as a complement for those who work with a laptop on the table. Working like this has its advantages and its disadvantages , which could perhaps be solved with some changes in the hardware.

Having a MacBook as your main computer is perfect for those who want to have everything centralized on a single computer and need to move around sporadically with their data for work or travel. You carry it in your bag or suitcase while you are on the move and when you get home all you have to do is plug it into your monitor so you can enjoy a “desktop workstation” with the help of a wireless keyboard and mouse. Apple has this covered with accessories.

The other solution for those who want to have everything always available is a desktop and also a laptop, with some synchronization service or management of the most important files from the cloud . Hence the typical problem of: Where do I keep my music or iPhoto library? On the desktop or on the laptop? On the desktop I have more space, but what if I want to go on a trip and show these photos? Moving files from one computer to another eventually gets a little tiresome.

But with the laptop solution there is a problem that is also important: the battery . It only takes a few days of work with the laptop plugged in to abuse this piece of laptop hardware. Normally you would remove the battery to work only from the current, but Apple has two problems with this: the batteries of its current laptop range are “trapped” inside the computer and, if removed, the speed of the processor would slow down as a preventive measure when it detects that it cannot take power from the battery. One of the biggest expenses for laptop owners is actually new batteries.

What solutions could there be? Apple is not going to replace its battery to make it removable again, that’s for sure. But seeing that more and more people are opting for the mobility of a laptop with a home workstation (even if it’s more expensive), perhaps Cupertino is thinking of a way to really turn off the battery (not like it does now) without abusing its charge and discharge cycles , either via hardware or software.

Simon Doggett, Nicholas Todd y Travis Isaacs

After seeing some ideas of the LED Cinema Display as the MagSafe connector integrated in it, I am hopeful. Maybe Apple will make it easier from now on and with the new laptops we can have a real workstation without having to risk our battery, although everything remains to be seen. And you, do you prefer a big and powerful desktop or a laptop connected to a screen that allows you to take all your information anywhere?