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Desktop Monitor, information about your computer from your desktop

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Desktop Monitor, information about your computer from your desktop
Desktop Monitor, information about your computer from your desktop


Compartir Desktop Monitor, información acerca de tu equipo desde el escritorio



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Temas de interés Typically, they are most interested in fan speed, processor and graphics card temperature, and CPU and memory usage. Desktop Monitor is an application that allows you to monitor your computer .

Desktop Monitor is very similar to what we can achieve with Geektools, only simpler and without the need to enter commands. However, it is also less customizable. The application barely has any preferences except for a couple of aspects like the shadow in the texts and little more. Once started we will see all the information on our desktop, as you can see in the image (inside the green box). The price of Desktop Monitor is 1.59 and you can download it from the Mac App Store.

  • Geektools is undoubtedly my favorite for all the possibilities it offers. Although it is true that you will have to investigate a little, with Geektools you will be able to get a very personalized desktop with all the information you need always at sight.
  • iStat Menu is another alternative. This time we will have the information in an icon in the menu bar. There we can decide what we want to show or not. Interesting to know that there is also a version of iStat for iOS, do you want to know the memory usage of your iPhone?
  • From the same creators of iStat Menu we have iStat Pro and iStat Nano, both widgets for the Dashboard. Just as useful, just as informative and free.
  • And all this without forgetting that with the Activity Monitor application, included in OS X, we will also be able to obtain detailed information about the use of our computer (CPU usage, RAM memory, hard disk, network,…). The only thing missing is the temperature.

And to finish off a little extra bonus. If the temperature is something that concerns you there are means to control the speed at which the fans turn . Two of them are iStat Menu 3 and smcFanControl. Now you’re ready to control your Mac and don’t miss a beat.


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