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Desert Zombie Last Stand for iPad, More Zombies to Finish

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It seems that zombies are more fashionable than ever. In the last few weeks we have seen great representatives of the genre arrive at the App Store in search of an opportunity, and it seems that they are being well received. This time we suggest you arm yourself to survive in Desert Zombie Last Stand , a new survival horror for iPad and iPad 2 full of action, explosions and graphics that will take your breath away (if zombies don’t do it first).

Desert Zombie Last Stand for iPad

Desert Zombie Last Stand for iPad, More Zombies to Finish
Desert Zombie Last Stand for iPad, More Zombies to Finish

Desert Zombie Last Stand is a frenetic and immersive experience, full of action and scares. You must fight for your survival in a hostile environment. As it turns out, you find yourself in an unenviable situation: you’re surrounded by hordes of zombies who are willing and thirsty for blood and brains.

Experience the most frantic, visceral combat you can imagine on your iPad. To do so, you’ll have at your disposal an arsenal of the latest weaponry , and lots of content to unlock: costumes, characters and achievements.

All this comes with some spectacular 3D graphics , presented by the mythical Unreal Engine, to take a step beyond the zombie games as far as visual effects are concerned. The camera is in third person, which will allow you to control all the walkers around you to finish you off.

The game will pit you against an infinite horde of zombies, with one goal in mind: to survive for as long as possible. These fearsome undead come in several types, including huge final bosses that will take your levels of disgust to new heights.

Here you have the frenetic trailer of Desert Zombie Last Stand for the Apple iPad:

Desert Zombie Last Stand is an uncomplicated action game, full of guts and blood. Okay, it has no story mode but represents like no other the instinct of survival at any cost . The game also has some heart attack graphics that are sure to convince you.

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