Desembalaje del MacBook Air 11 pulgadas

Nuevo MacBook Air ya está aquí con procesadores i5 e i7
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Desembalaje del MacBook Air 11 pulgadas
Desembalaje del MacBook Air 11 pulgadas

Then don’t think twice about it and check out the unboxing we’ve done with an 11.6-inch MacBook Air. See how thin the Apple ultra-portable is.

If there’s one thing we machinists love, apart from Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPads, it’s the way Apple packages its products. It is unquestionable that the minimalist presentation of each one of them enters by the sight, and it turns out to be something different if we compare it with articles of other brands. If we mix this with the desire to own any product of the apple, we arrive at the well-known unboxing .

This unboxing thing is like a philosophy. Just by putting the word in Youtube we will find thousands of videos developing different products. If it’s done, it’s because on the other side of the screen there are people who enjoy it like a child when they see them. That’s why at Applesupportphonenumber we have thought about that special audience (in which I include myself), and we bring you first hand the unboxing of the new MacBook Air.

You will see in the attached video how Apple takes advantage of every space in the box , arranging each component and squaring it perfectly. And of course, you’ll have the 11.6-inch MacBook Air in front of you, so you can enjoy the view with this product that many of you want.

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