Descargar Slow Shutter! Free

Slow Shutter!

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Descargar Slow Shutter! Free
Descargar Slow Shutter! Free

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We are already used to Apple offering us various applications for free for a limited time to promote developers. The other day we saw how to get hold of ProCam 2 and today we are going to see how to get Slow Shutter! for free, which is probably the best application for taking long exposure pictures.

Slow Shutter! is a paid application that is normally worth almost 2 euros , however, thanks to a somewhat hidden promotion we will be able to download the application for free. So take advantage of this opportunity to get your hands on it, as the promotion ends on March 28th. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Let’s go to the App Store and download the Apple Store application, in case you haven’t downloaded it yet, you should, because it always offers promotions like the Slow Shutter one!
  2. Go to the Shops section and slide down until you are just below One to One. The Slow Shutter! icon should appear next to the Capture Moving Images title.
  3. Click on it and then on Download for free at the bottom
  4. We will be redirected to the App Store, where we will have to enter our password and then redeem the promotion code we have been given

That’s how easy it is to get hold of one of the best applications for capturing long exposure images . The results it offers are spectacular if we know how to make good frames when photographing. So you know, lots of patience and develop your creativity.

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