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Desbloquear Mi Bote para iPhone y iPad

A few days ago in Rootear and with the participation of Tappx we held a contest for developers in which among other things, we rewarded the best application for iOS with an analysis in Applesence . After having played around with it – in this case a game – these are our impressions.


Desbloquear Mi Bote para iPhone y iPadDesbloquear Mi Bote para iPhone y iPad

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Basically, what this game asks us is to take a boat out of a small pond . But it’s not as easy as it looks, because the pond is full of other boats, and all the boats move just forward or backward.

As you may have noticed, is the classic puzzle game in which we must remove a piece of a boat from a small space moving the other pieces as little as possible. It’s a new version of a classic game that hooks everyone who plays it.

Design and interface

The typical interface for a level game in iOS is a screen that shows the levels in a grid with three stars, illuminated according to the score obtained in that level.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that as it is a free game we will find several banners of advertising , something essential for any developer who does not have a paid model, freemium or extra services that generate income from their work.

In the game itself we will find boats and 2D graphics mainly . In this game the important thing is not the quality of the images themselves but how they work, how we manage to get the boat out.

Finally, we see that there is a brief explanation of how to play, in English , as well as the whole interface of the game. But these are basic and coherent things that do not require a very high level of English.

Price and compatible devices

As mentioned above, is a free game – no purchase in-app – that can be downloaded from the App Store . The game is available for both iPhone and iPad, i.e. it’s a universal application.



Of course, this is a game that will provide us with fun and entertainment for a few hours , the more levels we go through, the harder it will be to get the lucky boat out of the water, so we’ll have to manage more.

Perhaps its negative aspect is the fact that it has a somewhat poor interface, which should be updated to a flatter design , with less textures and more clarity. This can offer you a lot of advantages when it comes to keeping it on our iPhoneiPad or not.

On the other hand, even if publicity is necessary, having publicity does not please anyone. A good alternative would be to add purchases in-app , such as tracks for the more difficult levels.

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