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Demand for iPhone 6 Continues to Exceed Supply

iPhone 6 sales continue to rise and supply is less than demand

With record sales during the first weekend of 10 million units during this month of September, it was clear that the iPhone 6 had become another successful product for the guys at Apple. Apparently, sales are so high and so strong that even the company itself anticipates that it will be complicated to balance the supply against the great demand they are having for their new smartphones.

“We are not balanced against these sales, we are not close to doing it, we are not even on the same planet” , said Tim Cook. “Having said that, I am very confident that the offer is going to be great and that is why you can see having the thought that sales are going to be even better in the next quarter.

Demand for iPhone 6 Continues to Exceed Supply
Demand for iPhone 6 Continues to Exceed Supply

For the three-month period ending in September, Apple sold more than 39 million iPhones , a new quarterly record from the mark seen during the previous period of 37.79 million units in 2013.

Apple promises to increase the supply of its devices

According to Cupertino’s, if you look at the regional distribution of the iPhone, you can see how all the countries that have started selling the phone saw an increase in sales compared to 5S. Specifically, in the US we saw a 17% increase, while developed countries in Europe enjoyed a 20% drop in sales. This added to growing markets such as Latin America and the East, allowed us to see a 50% increase in sales.

Tim Cook said that Apple is selling every iPhone 6 he makes . In China, for example, only 20% of the new iPhones sold are financed by companies, with the remaining 80% where customers decide to pay the full price for the finish without any financing (a very good option, by the way). This last news gives us a very clear idea of the strong sales that Tim Cook’s guys can have in those countries, which are also preparing to launch 4G infrastructures.

As reported by AppleInsider, the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are now sold in 69 different countries and territories, the fastest and most successful deployment in the product’s history. The company plans to have its phone in 115 different countries by the end of December.

We’ll see how far the “madness” of Apple’s new smartphones goes and if sales continue at the same pace we’re seeing today. What is very clear, is that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have already become the best launch of a device in the history of the company.

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