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Delicious Library 2 al fin disponible

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After a long wait and an endless number of news about its “imminent launch” it has finally been officially launched. It is now available for download Delicious Library 2.0 but was it worth the wait?

Paraphrasing Walt Mossberg himself with the release of Leopard I would dare to say that this new version of the popular cataloguer is evolutionary but not revolutionary (as if the first version was). Nevertheless, version 2.0 includes more than 100 new features, among which the following should be highlighted:

  • One-click web publishing fully compatible with Mac, iWeb and FTP applications such as Transmit. In addition, we can make versions adapted to the iPhone.
  • Increased speed through the use of CoreAnimation and CoreData.
  • A lot of new categories (toys, gadgets, clothes…) and smart shelves that are formed based on search criteria (movies from the 80s, comics from such a publisher…).
  • Improved support for iSight and ability to add multiple items at once
  • Full integration with iTunes and Mac OS X Leopard.
Delicious Library 2 al fin disponible
Delicious Library 2 al fin disponible

Delicious Library 2.0 is priced at $40, it is not yet localized to Spanish (we have to wait for the next minor updates) and requires Mac OS 10.5 although, actually, the first message that appears when we start the application is that we need to update to version 10.5.3 to enjoy all the speed improvements (especially in the graphic section), something complicated considering that Apple has not yet released this system update.


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