Deleting Multiple Comments on Instagram

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Además de esto, tras su última actualización, la plataforma permite limitar quien queremos que nos etiquete o mencione en una publicación, y al igual que con los comentarios podemos gestionarlo desde Configuración-> Privacidad-> Etiquetas One of the new features it has included to help reduce bullyng in its app is the ability to remove multiple comments from a post at the same time , thus helping to make it easier for users to manage their posts.

Deleting Multiple Comments on Instagram
Deleting Multiple Comments on Instagram

With this new option, managing comments is very simple, and allows you to delete up to 25 at once. It is important to remember that harassment on the Internet is a serious issue, and if for some reason we are the subject of it, the photo network par excellence has measures to manage who we allow to comment on our publications. This can be managed from the app itself at Configuration-> Privacy-> Comments-> Allow comments from… Block comments from… .

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Let’s now see how to proceed to remove several comments at once in an Instagram post .

  • 1º Go to the publication from which you want to remove the comments.
  • 2º Click on one of the comments to open the list with all of them.
  • 3º Click on the three dots that will appear on the upper right side of the screen.
  • 4º Select Manage comments.
  • 5º We will return automatically to the list with all of them, being able now to select them by clicking on the circle that will appear to the right of each one.
  • 6º Select all those you want to delete and click on Delete in the lower left part.

In case you want to delete more than 25 comments at a time you should repeat this process as many times as necessary.

If you still can’t find this option in your Instagram app make sure you have the latest version installed on your device . You can check this from your profile in the App Store on your iPhone.

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