Delayed Mac Pro shipments due to coronavirus

The coronavirus is causing some headaches for technology companies like Apple that have most of their factories in China. In previous weeks, we learned that products such as the iPhone, MacBook Pro, and iMac could be delayed in shipping because of the virus, and now we’re also seeing how the Mac Pro will join a long waiting list for users who want to buy it soon.

If you’re buying a Mac Pro you’ll have to wait

At WWDC 2019, a new and much-needed upgrade to the Mac Pro was unveiled. It was released in the fall and is already Apple’s most powerful computer. Although its main target is not ordinary users but companies and professionals who require a powerful machine, the truth is that sales of this computer with all its variants would be going relatively well. Proof of this are the delays announced now for those who are going to buy one.

Delayed Mac Pro shipments due to coronavirus
Delayed Mac Pro shipments due to coronavirus

As reported by media outlets such as MacRumors, U.S. users wishing to purchase this equipment are forced to wait weeks. All this is due to the health alert established in China by the coronavirus. Apple has assembly factories in its own country, specifically in the state of Texas, but a large part of the components continue to arrive from China and therefore the delays.

This could not only stay in the United States, but also in the rest of the world could considerably increase the waiting list. However, this situation is not alarming either, nor can it be considered an excessively long wait if we consider that it is a team that is not focused on selling thousands and thousands of units per day as perhaps happens with others like the MacBook or iPad.

iPhone 9, iPad Pro 4 and more, in danger?

We warned a few days ago that delays in the factories would affect all devices. Starting with those already released like the aforementioned Mac Pro and the successful iPhone 11. But also products that are in Apple’s bedroom and intended to be released at the end of March, could be in danger. We refer to products such as the iPhone 9 , also known as the iPhone SE 2. in the absence of an official name. The new iPad Pro fourth generation would also be among them.

We know that Apple’s plans to launch products in a given week are not random, but are carefully studied by the marketing and sales department, but an external factor such as the coronavirus could end up disrupting all plans. At the moment, it is not completely ruled out that the month of March will be when they will be launched, but it would be more complicated if they were also launched and there were enough stock of all the new products to meet the demand.

We feel that the cancellation of these new products is not on the minds of Tim Cook and the other leaders, but given the alarm caused by the Chinese virus, it is possible that plans could change completely and they decide to save that letter for future quarters. In any case, we will continue to keep an eye out for any new developments.

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