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Defend yourself against swamp creatures in Swamp Attack

Swam Attack (Gratis)

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Defend yourself against swamp creatures in Swamp Attack
Defend yourself against swamp creatures in Swamp Attack

If there is one genre within video games, and in this case, within mobile phone games, due to the boom of these in recent times, that is particularly successful and always has a large following, it is undoubtedly the action genre . Apart from what would be pure action, we also find numerous titles that incorporate, in different measures, a certain amount of action, something that always guarantees an interesting touch and opens up the product to a wider audience.

In this case, the title that we present today, Swamp Attack , is characterized by its complete focus on action, an aspect quite grateful if we are that kind of users who love the same genre.

In Swamp Attack, our main objective is to defend, weapon in hand, our hut in the swamp , from all the creatures that lurk there. It seems that all the creatures have turned into zombies, so they attack us in increasing numbers and making it more difficult for us to defend our property.

It consists of Swamp Attack of 53 levels , in which the difficulty increases from less to more as we advance in the game, also appearing new creatures, more resistant and fast that will try to reach the hut. The story is divided into 4 episodes, and we also have a quick mission to enjoy what this game offers us, the action, whenever we want.

With a simple way of playing , which basically consists of touching the place on the screen where we want to direct our shots, and dragging the weapons, like bombs or Molotov cocktails that we get, Swam Atttack gets his high pace, and the constant appearance of new creatures, force us to not stop playing.

As we advance in the game, we can get new weapons, more powerful and with which it will be easier to defend our hut and finish with all types of creatures, 15 in total, that try to reach it. We can also get potions that increase our life, or replenish our energy to keep fighting.

In conclusion, and as a synthesis of the above, Swam Attack is one of those pure action games, classics of the genre , with 2D graphics that undoubtedly can even remind us of arcades of other times, and that will entertain us safely. Totally recommended for those players who love the action genre.

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