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Default for iPhone and iPad, becomes FREE for a limited time

We return with our free applications and games of the day for a limited time, this time we present you to Deflecto , a simple game that will help us to alleviate those waits for the subway in a more enjoyable way.

In Deflecto we have a mission, to avoid at all costs that the clouds fall on our city , where we will have to protect them by deflecting them with our own fingers. We warn you that the adventure gets complicated quickly.

Default for iPhone and iPad, becomes FREE for a limited time
Default for iPhone and iPad, becomes FREE for a limited time

This game is compatible for both iPad and iPhone , does not offer integrated shopping and can of course be shared as a family. Remember that you can download the game now taking advantage of the fact that it is temporarily free and have it forever without paying anything again.

This game is practically suitable for any iPhone or iPad, although it is not adapted to the iPhone X screen, but don’t worry too much, as it may be updated soon. Remember that Apple gave a deadline for developers to adapt the resolutions to the company’s flagship.

Visually, Deflecto is very well implemented, following its own line of game arcade , just like the music chosen, it is not wasted. Some features of Deflecto are:

  • Intense arcade action
  • No ads or purchases integrated into the application
  • Protects cities to unlock new levels
  • 9 incredibly difficult levels
  • Minimalist 3D isometric cities
  • Many different types of projectiles to deflect
  • Enhancers that increase your power of deviation
  • Realistic physical simulation
  • Charmingly lively mini cities
  • Original soundtrack and sound effects
  • GameCenter Achievements

We’ve been testing it for a while and the truth is that Defect hooks. But as we mentioned before, it gets complicated very quickly, so you might get on your nerves in a few minutes.

Download this game for iOS for FREE

What did you think of Deflecto? Could you get it for free?

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